Landi Jac is the Global Director of Worldwide Business Intelligence, a company that is dedicated to the commercial-, creational-, conscious- and cultural education of entrepreneurs across the world. Qualified with a Masters Degree that combines Economics and Industrial Psychology, Landi’s message to entrepreneurs places equal importance on business and mind.

Her signature IP (Intellectual Property) includes The Money Train™, IBUT™, The High-End Offer Design Process™, the Entrepreneurial Mind Spy™, the Worldwide Business Intelligence Blueprint™and other unique holistic methodology that supports entrepreneurs with cutting edge no-nonsense blueprints, infographics and systems that take the white noise away from business and give a solid foundation to grow from.

As part of the executive board of the Circle of Excellence Group, Landi guides the global growth of five companies in the personal and professional development field. She is a Certified Senior Consultant through the International Institute of Professional Consultants and trusted advisor to award-winning business leaders from all over the world including several global association presidents, TedX Speakers, Ernst & Young Award Winning Entrepreneurs and Celebrities.


Since Mike and Landi met and became a couple in 2014, they have dedicated their lives to helping entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and consultants to have greater prosperity, freedom and purpose. In doing that, they have travelled around the world 22 times in the past 5 years, plus run close to 500 events ... 


In this talk, Landi Jac provides speakers with the business intelligence to “De-Engineer Your Keynote”, so that you know exactly what structure and psychology should be in each one of your Keynote Slides, for maximum impact as a leader.

Recorder at Plan B Summit | GSF


Landi Jac has delivered Keynotes from numerous stages worldwide on topics relating to Business Intelligence, Global Mindset and various pioneering growth strategies for entrepreneurs. You can access and download her latest speaker sheet here.  


In this conversational podcast, Landi Jac gets interviewed by Dustin Mathews from WealthFit. Get to know more about her life story. Learn why strategic thinking and values are essential for today's leaders, as well as how to spot behavioural patterns in other people. 



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