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Landi Jac is a visionary leader and Chief Executive Officer of the Circle of Excellence Group, who has dedicated her career to empowering entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to achieve prosperity, freedom, and purpose. She strongly believes in the importance of quality education and tried-and-tested business intelligence, and her values of love, nobility, enrichment, freedom, and intuition serve as her navigational and decision-making system in business and life. 

Landi's business content and solutions are accredited by Education Alliance Finland (EAF), she is an Amazon Best-Selling Author and an accredited CPD Points Service Provider 22121 (2023-2024). Her unique Business Acceleration methods and passion for the infinite potential of the extraordinary Human Mind see her on many International Stages, and she has now traveled to over 50 countries. 


tel. +27 74 934 1472

Cape Town based, mostly traveling

Books Available on Amazon

The Octopus House

14 Church Street


South Africa


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