Landi Jac is an award-winning business pioneer, prosperity expert and world traveller who uses the intelligence that she teaches to live a life of Prosperity, Freedom and Purpose. With a history of extensive travel to more than 50 countries, she has consulted with top executives and leaders worldwide. She believes that ...


Executive Summary

Landi Jac speaks internationally on cosmopolitan business intelligence, covering topics such accelerated growth, next-level mind resilience and positioning your business online. 




Content Creator

As the Founder of Worldwide Business Intelligence, Landi Jac has created the OCTOPUS EDUTECH PLATFORM™ that provides numerous business formulas to entrepreneurial eco-systems worldwide. Her content is certified at the highest level by Education Alliance Finland and her business issues CPD points. 



In 2020, Landi Jac published the Book of Sacred Prescriptions, a body of work on the mindset strength that helps navigate a person through uncertain times. 


Landi Jac consults with top executives and leaders worldwide on topics such as accelerated business growth, next-level mind resilience and international expansion. She holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology.