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Befriend The Spirits of Animals and Never Be Alone

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Excerpt from The Sacred Prescription of Nature

"Something pure and good was speaking to me..."

When I was younger and confused, I decided to seek out the romance of London. 

The feeling of that airplane taking off to some new and bigger adventure is something that has never left me since. Even today, after travelling with Mike numerous times around the world, I still get as excited as a child each time the airplane takes off into the sky. So I left my career back then for whatever London may have to offer, not ever expecting to find one of my biggest, and most marvellous discoveries, to date. 

London gave me more than freedom. It gave me poetry. 

Suddenly I started writing the one poem after the other. As crowds of people moved along the Underground each morning, I would simply stop dead in the procession and write a new poem. What started as a brand new obsession turned into a journal filled with 500 poems a few years later, after which the poetry stopped as suddenly as it came. Point is, as soon as my pencil recorded the first few poems in my notebook, strange things started to happen. 

I noticed hundreds of ladybugs outside the office where I was working. 

This sight blew me away and I remembered standing there with goosebumps all over my body. It is splendid enough to have one or two ladybugs landing on your lap, but here I found myself in a bizarre world surrounded by hundreds of red and black dots of luck. More than just an unlikely sight, I realised that I was in the presence of a marvellous occurrence. The air around me was filled with childlike awe and magic, giving me the sense that a sacred Voice was giving me special attention. 

Something pure and good was speaking to me and I felt that I wanted to listen. 

I left London at the end of that year and ended up in quite a demanding job in Sandton, South Africa. Soon my memories of ladybugs and London was fading, with most of my energy focussed on corporate drug busts, Johannesburg traffic and long working hours. A few months later, dead ladybugs started to appear in my office. Each morning, a colleague and I would scoop hundreds of dead ladybugs off my desk, not sure why they decided to turn my office into their departure lounge.

Yet I knew. 

The ladybugs were offering their lives to bring me a message, knowing that this would get my attention. They were telling me that I was sabotaging my luck and that my soul was dying. I took this omen seriously and started research into animal spirits. What I have found since has not only profoundly changed my life, but has gifted me with lifelong wonder, protection and friendship. The story of animal spirits didn’t stop here with the ladybugs. For me it only got started. 

I believe wholeheartedly that our relationships with animals are sacred. 

Even more so, they bring us special messages that corresponds to the specific gifts that they possess. For example, a bee may cross your path to teach you how to make life more sweet and industrious, whereas the lion may enter your sphere to teach you valuable lessons of leadership. Since London, my life has been mapped with the love and guidance of these spirits from Spirit, who also seems to be an extension of my own soul. 

If you have been drawn to a special animal all your life, it is for good reason. 

The spirits of animals and birds want to help you find your answers, guide you towards healing and have a real interest in becoming your friend. For eons, ancient scriptures have referenced animals helping humans, not even to mention the spiritual council received by birds. On our themed journeys that we lead to far-off lands, we love witnessing when a fellow traveller opens their heart to the animal spirit that has chosen them . This is not a guidance system that is separate from God, but an extension of Her infinite wisdom. 

In Hout Bay, Cape Town I heard the cries of a whale giving birth. 

Immediately after that I made significant changes in my life because I realised the magnificent untapped potential that lay dormant in my soul. An Indian Minor urged me to wake up during a time when I fell into procrastination and denial, whilst hundreds of dragonflies warned of the 360 degree turnaround that my life would take. Since then I’ve discovered that we have animals spirits coming at us from each direction. 

One night I had a dream that I was encircled by animals. 

In the North stood the Dragon, powerful and fierce. In the South stood two Seals, laughing and joking with party hats on. In the West there was the Black Puma, graciously filled with mystery. And in the East, two Hawks with massive claws and incredible presence. I woke up feeling like a child, thanking God for this new world of wonder. Researching these animals have not only given me incredible insights about myself and the journey ahead, but has also given me the confidence and reassurance that we are truly looked after. 

Pay attention to the direction from which an animal appears. 

The spiritual laws of “As Above, So Below” and “As Within, So Without” applies. “As Above” corresponds with your Higher Self and therefore an animal spirit that approaches you from the North brings you the opportunity to remember the best version of yourself. “As Below” represents the Shadow aspects of yourself and therefore the animal that appears in your South, wants to gently hold your hand and guide you through difficult times of helplessness or denial. 

Be the best version of yourself and take council during your darkest hours. 

The animal from the West represents “As Within” where you are taken on a journey deep inside yourself to face your fears so that you can be reborn into something much lighter. The animal in the East helps with the aspects of “So Without” which represents the way you show up in the external world and your interaction with people. The Dragon in my North, therefore, reminds me of my personal power, whilst the Seals (turned out to be Sea Otters) show me my tendency to hide my feelings with humour. The Black Puma in my West gives me the courage to explore my spiritual gifts and the Hawks in the East helped me to remain focussed on the important things in my life.

The more I remain thankful and aware, the better it gets. 

Recent communications with animal spirit friends includes a Bat called Sebastian that decided to stay overnight in a friend’s hut, hanging upside-down waiting for his Mom to come and rescue him (which she did later that night). This all took place on Rabbit Island in Cambodia, just after telling a dear friend that he should consider guidance from animal spirits. Later that day, a chicken laid two eggs under his cushion and a crab came all the way from the ocean right up to the doorstep of his hut. 

Make your own study of what each animal or bird represent. 

Even though I have found immense value through the work of Steven D. Farmer (Ph.D), I mostly ask my Intuition or search for the meaning of messages through meditation. You will have access to the most amazing wisdom and humour by buying a journal and writing about the numerous animals, insects and birds that are choosing you by crossing your path. 

By finding and writing down their messages you honour them deeply. 

Not too long ago, we decided to spend a month in Tuscany. In the small town of Radicofani, we used our days to laze around the swimming pool and cook for clients who had flown in for some special guidance on their businesses, or seek meaningful conversations about life and its mysteries. During this time, we kept on noticing the fox. In fact, Mike had noticed the fox three consecutive times at night as we returned from dinner. Billboards started to appear with the word fox written on them and we laughed out loud when we noticed only later in the trip that Mike had been wearing a t-shirt with the image of a fox. 

Curious, we thought, until one eventful day. 

Nearing the end of our Italian trip, the fox came up in conversation as we were driving around. In open daylight, we hit the brakes as we were suddenly urged by something in the middle of the road to stop. There in front of us stood the fox, in all his glory, staring us straight into our eyes. We both burst out in goosebumps, thanking the fox profusely for his message. When you believe in the “impossible”, it seems that there will be never enough opportunity for your breath to be taken away. When refusing to consider beliefs outside of the sum total of experiences so far, you may be missing out on a lot. 

Reality lies in a few dimensions deeper than what the eyes can see. 

An owl has danced on my head. I witnessed hundreds of white jellyfish in the ocean in one day, magically drifting around like human brains. The butterflies on the killing fields in Cambodia will stay with me forever and every time I hear the call of the Eagle I know that the spirit of my Dad is around. God has given me a sacred language that I will treasure for the rest of my days, and beyond, and it is my heart’s desire that you will be open enough to see into this incredible abyss too.

The spirits of animals that enter your life is no coincidence at all.

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