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Inspiration Is In Art And Numbers

Updated: Jun 15


Excerpt from The Sacred Prescription of Alchemy

"Art stirs movement"

It’s easy to travel the world and search out beautiful art and be inspired. Otherwise, it would be incredibly difficult to only see square buildings and white walls every day of your life and not feel miserable. In the same sense, it is wonderful to look for beauty, art and poetry in everything you see, and yet, it is senseless to surround yourself with that which has become stale, stagnant or rotten. 

Art stirs movement. 

The first step to co-creating a magnificent reality is to surround yourself with art that moves you. Look far and wide to find the pieces that stir you deep inside. Search everywhere for the canvasses and images that please you immensely. Avoid ugliness at all costs and make sure that whatever you start and finish your day with inspires the most incredible emotions in your heart. Invest in the magic that art brings, look for different forms of expression and make poetry you daily aphrodisiac. 

Imagine a world where you wake up and everything that surrounds you inspires you. Your walls, gardens and daily path speak of beauty, colour, and imagination. Boredom, ugliness and demotivation are your ultimate nemesis in the universe of creation. Art opens portals that you haven’t even considered before. The fun part here is that the definition of art, in the context of unlocking new doors, is entirely up to you. 

Draw similar inspiration from numbers. 

Every single, double or triple-digit carries profound meaning for you. Keep your eyes and ears open to the sacred language of the Realms, as they are patiently waiting to show you which corner to turn next. Pay attention to numbers that keep on appearing, wake-up times that repeat themselves and any digits that jump at you, as these are the clues to Creation. 

Make the principles of Fibonacci your life study, give special love and attention to Master numbers and be sure to know the intrinsic meaning of each digit so that you are ready when the angels decide to whisper in your ears. Ancients, secret societies and mystics dedicated their lives to understanding the hidden meaning of numbers, and no different today, people are still fascinated by the logic that they provide. Consider for a Moment how much nature relies on mathematics, and what life would look like without these critical calculations. 

Go and make your own personal study of the hidden language of numbers. 

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Picture Credits: Giulia Bernardelli

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