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Invite The Flowers And They Will Make You Whole

Updated: Jun 15


Excerpt from The Sacred Prescription of Nature

"When Mike came into my life a Hibiscus flower kept appearing"

When I divorced a number of years ago, I found myself standing on my own for the first time in my life. What sounds fairly normal to many, turned out to be a brand new experience for me as I moved into my loft apartment in the heart of Sandton, a suburb of Johannesburg. I had always dreamt of having my own place with white see-through curtains that would elegantly blow in the passing breeze, and so it was. 

Divine Time was great, but some things in life felt as if time was a little ‘off’. 

The relationship that ended lasted for over fourteen years, and even though it was tough, I didn’t want the residue of divorce to spoil my new beginning. I decided to pray to God and ask Him if it was possible to please take the feelings of rejection, disappointment and sadness away for six months only, therefore allowing me to enjoy this time as opposed to sulking every night. If someone has told me that this was possible, I would have probably laughed in their face. 

You better know what you are doing if you are going to bargain with God. 

The next morning I woke up feeling light. In fact, I felt greater than what I was able to recall for a very long time. Was it my imagination, or did God really hear my prayer? I brushed it off, and went on with my day as normal. Later that day as I was dozing off into a state of bliss, I opened my eyes and noticed that I somehow left my body and was now hovering just below the roof, looking down on myself as I was resting on the bed. The feeling that surrounded me was that of immense gratitude and somehow I managed to safely return to my body. 

God answered my peculiar prayer and life took off with a bang! 

Soon I was writing, laughing, coming and going as I wished. In the evenings I would make a big fire in the fireplace on my balcony and admire the sunset with a song in my heart. During this time, I invented a sword dance to help me cut all ties with the past and I couldn’t believe how easy the process of moving on could be. Even though I was mostly alone, my house felt full and my cup was overflowing. I made it through and I wondered why it took me so long to move on. Until one night when I woke up from a nightmare and felt an incredible sting in my heart, almost as if someone has stabbed me. 

Six months to the date, the pain from my divorce returned, and the party was over. 

Dark emotions followed as my fun came to an end. Suddenly it all came crashing down, almost like a surfer who’d been riding a wave forever, and then ended up with his face in the sand. It was showtime, and I realised that unless I wanted to feel like this forever, I needed to face my fears. Unsure where to turn to, I thought of all the sick people in the hospitals, and what they would usually do to feel better. An operation certainly won’t heal a broken heart and medication won’t save my soul either. Aha! I turned to one of the most powerful healers on planet earth. 

Every day, I went out to buy myself bunches and bunches of flowers. 

My loft kept on filling up with flowers. Daisies for new beginnings, Lillies for rebirth, Sunflowers for longevity and Roses for heavenly love and healing. Sometimes I would pick wildflowers from the fields and other times buy a pot plant with flowers for my kitchen. I used Lavender to remain gracious in the eye of the storm and Birds of Paradise for joyfulness. The Yucca plant had brought me the gifts of protection and purification, and still today I have one of those living on our balcony in Cape Town (we named him Garfield). 

The elegance presented by cream roses remains my secret fetish. 

If you want to experience unconditional love in your life, then befriend the Kingdom of Flowers. Even though it makes perfect sense to leave flowers in soil, I can never quite explain to you what all those flowers did for my soul during that cosmic catharsis in my life. They reminded me that there was beauty in everything, even in your darkest Moment. They showed me how to keep my wits about and walk with grace, even when I felt like screaming at the top of my voice. They showered me with love, showed me that I’m beautiful like them and sung me songs about a new tomorrow. 

When last have you given a friend some flowers?

It is my honest belief that they can save a life. Whether you are male or female, go pick a small flower for your romantic one and hand it over with a smile. The effect is that you may literally melt their heart. Take your grandkids to the flowers in your garden and introduce them to the family they never knew they had. Learn the symbolism of flowers in your life and invite them to join the household. A shaman once told me that it’s courteous to ask a flower if you may pick her, so make sure that you take that vow. And if they are already picked and packaged, thank them for their sacrifice. 

When Mike came into my life a Hibiscus flower kept appearing. 

I fell in love instantly and wanted to know what this delicate beauty meant. Turns out the Hibiscus flower was prophesying the coming of a season of personal glory in my life. Needless to say, the Hibiscus vibrates with the Heart Chakra, therefore announcing the celebration of the love of my life. In honour of this message, I got hold of a perfume made from the Hibiscus flower, a scent that I was never able to locate again. Months after the appearance of the first Hibiscus flower, Mike shared with me a vision that he had as a child, sitting in a garden under a bush with a big Hibiscus flower in his hand. 

The lines between this world and Others are incredibly thin. 

When you focus too much on what other people are doing with their lives, you miss the subtle clues that exist for you to cross those lines into unimaginable worlds of wonder. You don’t need special skills or powers to learn the love language of flowers, as what they have on offer is remarkable and free. Humble yourself in their presence, compliment them for their everlasting beauty that they bring and open your heart to receive their love. They will give you all they’ve got at long as they last and take very little in return. They will help you say good-bye to loved ones and celebrate when new life enters your life. They will keep you company when you feel lost and show you beauty when life turns ugly. 

Most of all, they will make your day, because that’s what flowers do. 

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