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Miracles Favour The Kind Of Heart

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Excerpt from The Sacred Prescription of Alchemy

"At The Turn of Each Corner is a Miracle"

When ancients, elders and modern-day philosophers speculate about Atlantis (or “The Isle of Atlas”), you have to wonder whether this place of enchantment was not necessarily a geographical location, but more like a space of plenty that is sealed into our collective memories forever. Even more incredible is the idea that the marvel of Atlantis may exist, even thrive, in the here and now, expressing its wonder in the form of numerous miracles.

Can it be the call of Atlantis that is waking you up at three o’clock in the morning?

Let’s pretend for a few minutes that there is a golden net that spreads vastly across the universe. It may look like a spiders web or even like the net of a fisherman. One thing is for certain, it is spectacular, beaming with light and utterly alive. Now imagine that this net contains everything that ever was, everything that is and all that will ever be. It is the keeper of all knowledge, it holds the wisdom of all times and the space that it occupies is infinite and incomprehensible.

This net exists.

Some may call it Atlantis, whilst others may refer to it as String Theory, the Akashic records or simply, other dimensions. It is the place where miracles are made. Yet it remains accessible to only those who dare to believe in its existence. Even more spectacular, is the notion that this net does not only exist in the macro space around you, but also on a micro level within each one of your atoms. In fact, God’s creation is literally here within you now and you can access it at free will.

A sacred Formula of Miracles will grant you access to this net.

There is “a secret formula well-kept by children, who experience joy and sages unknown to this world. It consists of three powerful elements that are mentioned regularly, yet rarely studied, practised or applied. The formula is three-dimensional and each element multiplies, which means that the deeper you feel its truth and the wider you apply its principles, the bigger Momentum for miracles you will co-create in your life. The clues to making miracles are contained within the essence of this poem:

Toil and toil, you must yield

Accept the way it is

Search within upon a quest

Then share your sum of bliss

Go and find your soul o wary

Elude the us and them

The first ingredient to miracles hides in the word, SURRENDER.

You have to relax and let it go. Essentially, you have to stop making to-do lists, crafting empty goals, keeping busy and pretend you have the answer to all your problems. Give it up, accept things the way they are fully and say thanks for what you have. You have to stop running around in the same circle and give up your pattern of taking charge. Surrender does not mean that you are giving up. It simply means handing over your complexities and problems to Something Bigger. This does not have to be scary, as you simply acknowledge that you don’t know what you don’t know. Here you become open to learning about a better version of yourself and you are ready to remember that you have a destiny to fulfil.

You realise that you have a Sacred Team behind you.

Even if you have been fighting them forever for control of the steering wheel, you sense that you no longer have to enter the battles of society on a daily basis. Peace appears on your face as you notice the miracle of the unseen around you. Some people start paying attention to the miracles of the micro world, whilst others are in awe by the fact that they are alive. Surrender sometimes happens instantly to those who fall ill and are at the mercy of others. Moments of crisis seem to offer the same, as does chaos, sudden change and deep trauma.

You don’t have to wait until then.

Just surrender. Open your eyes, your senses and remember that your time on earth will be limited. There is no opt-out. Time is a massive illusion and you don’t own the Time Keeper. Have a look around you and see what you have. Close your eyes and smell the fresh air or the rain and be sure to go outside if you have forgotten what it smells like. Listen to the birds, feel the sun on your skin, bathe in the salt of the ocean and kiss those you love with a reborn passion. Then say thank you, over and over and over again. Train yourself to be grateful every day if you have to. Mingle with people who are thankful. Do whatever it takes to surrender, accept and see.

The second aspect to the Formula of Miracles is to SHARE.

In the house of miracles, things like charity and pleasing others are not enough. What you are sharing with others may not be real. If something is not of you, or from you, it loses its authentic power. More so, if you are sharing what is not yours, it may have the opposite effect. You cannot truly give to other people without removing your masks first. Sacred sharing means to first take the quest within. A journey awaits for those who want to share their spark and miracles are instant for the pure of heart.

Find yourself first, then share the treasures within.

A pilgrimage is the destiny of all great Seers, as your creative potential is born hidden from this world. In order to receive a revelation about who you really are and what you can mean to others, you need the courage to face yourself. Whatever you fear is not out there, it’s in here. The feelings that hold you captive must be faced, acknowledged and then mastered. The knots that bind your spirit need unravelling and the pieces of your soul that have been lost are asking to return.

You cannot even comprehend your True Beauty right now.

Although, there will come a day when you will. Like the phoenix you will rise from the ashes, own your purpose and recognise your essence. Such as the Lotus flower that bursts through muddy waters, you will face the darkness before your true light emerges. The more you reflect on yourself and the more issues you resolve within, the lighter you will become. Once space is created within a wary soul, it renews itself and become whole again. Miracles enter the lives of those who are open vessels to a Higher Purpose.

The third soul note to miracles is SENSITIVITY.

This is your innate ability to care for yourself and have compassion for other people. This includes those who judge you, do not share your beliefs, strike at you, make assumptions, hurt you deeply and are perceived to be massively different from you. Until such time that you are open and willing to walk a mile in another person’s shoes, you are simply not entitled to have an opinion of that person’s life. We all struggle with judgment and it causes all sorts of mayhem in our lives.

The truth is that miracles do not hold hands with the self-righteous.

Your past hurt does not give you the right to be a certain way. You can continue to secretly believe that you are right and others are wrong, but it will affect the quality of your life in immense ways. Your inner talk is hidden from the world, but not from the All-Seeing Eye. Your opinion is important, but you are not right and you are not wrong either. If you are triggered easily by what others do and say, you may be a secret judge of people. You need to become skilful in the art of forgiving others.

Have ears for other people.

Ask them questions about their experiences so that you can get to know them better. Find out about other religions and learn from various cultures. Stop casting spells over other people by guessing what will become of them. Don’t expect people to know automatically that they have hurt you or vice versa. Do special things for those you love and whisper tender words in their ears. Ask for forgiveness, admit to the role that you have played in the breakdown of relationships and check-in with your ego from time to time. Raise your awareness about the lenses that others may be wearing and realise how strange you may feel to them.

Miracles favour the kind of heart.

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