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The Silly Billy Holds The Magic Wand

Updated: Jun 15


Excerpt from The Sacred Prescription of Alchemy

"Simon's spirit changed my life"

Let me introduce you to the Scottish Lord Simon the Third. He is our dog, although he secretly believes that he is a dragon (which he probably is)! You cannot ever be too serious around Simon because he is quite a “silly billy”. When you give him one of his snacks called a “flatty”, he keeps it horizontal in his mouth which makes his lips appear as wide as the ‘Joker’. This causes us endless Moments of laughter. When we take him to the ocean, he runs with his floppy feet and jumps with a joy that is impossible to explain here.

It hasn’t always been like that for Simon.

When he was just eight weeks old, he escaped the backyard through a drain pipe due to heavy rains. This lead to Simon chasing wildly after a man in the streets, jumping with excitement near his leg and getting himself stepped on by this guy. The result, a puppy whose leg got broken in two places, as well as a fractured hip. The lady who worked for me from home at that time rushed Simon to the doggy hospital as I was making my way there from clients. Not sure what to expect, I nervously got out of my car on arrival.

Simon’s spirit changed my life.

The Moment Simon heard my voice, he turned to me and started wagging his tail. How could he have managed this with broken bones and mess all over him? The vet told me that I had one of two choices – either he amputates Simon’s leg or he has to depart to doggy heaven. I didn’t choose either and told the vet that that would be the day he needed to delicately operate on a puppy’s broken leg and hip.

And so he did. We waited for hours, until finally the vet reappeared and told us that only time will tell whether the operation was a success.

Weeks of rehabilitation followed, and Simon recovered.

When I took him back for his final assessment, the vet cried. He didn’t realise that a full recovery was possible and was amazed at Simon’s bravery. I took Simon home for what would be his first walk to freedom, especially after spending ten dreadful weeks in a carrycot. The Moment I unzipped the front of the cot, Simon cautiously stepped out, unsure of what was going on. One look at me, he realised that this meant freedom! He jumped forward, ran outside and launched off the deck at an incredible height, keeping his body straight in the air like a hare! I’ve never seen the face of victory so clearly before, and ever since, Simon’s life has been one miracle after the after.

The secret of his victory lies in his silly nature.

He does strange things like rolling on his back, making duck noises. When you blow on his stomach, he puts his two front paws together in a prayer pose. When he wants to go for a walk, he makes squirrel noises and his facial expressions are hilarious. This dog often has us in stitches with his quirky ways and humorous character and has been a guiding force in my life when it comes to facing adversity. Playfulness is not just essential, it is critical to the survival of a healthy soul. Since Simon’s accident, he has played a profound role in so many people’s lives, and even when he has a bad day, he always has a funny face or silly gesture ready for us.

The Joker is called the Joker for good reason.

Known as the most powerful card in the tarot, the Trickster or the Fool is the One who wants you to enjoy yourself. What many view as an interesting mythology, in actual fact conceals one of the most powerful ancient truths in existence – the alchemy of play. Silliness like Simons, having fun with games and joyous laughter, turns out to be the Master of them all, holding the elixir of creating the most magnificent outcomes. Children know this secret as they have not been disconnected from Oneness for too long, whereas adults massively underestimate the life changing benefits of having fun.

It is your human right to play.

Parts of your soul may break off and return Home before its time if you don’t have fun. That is why our planet is filled with so many zombies, aka people who live half a life. When last have you sat and played with clay, or laughed so hard that your stomach hurts? Do you still look at a butterfly in wonder and giggle at the funny face of an animal?

The ability to do so is nothing but pure magic and a sure way to invite prosperity into your life. If it feels like too much effort to learn how to play again, I recommend that you go back to school and mingle with kids.

Humour is a key ingredient to life.

Your character, the jokes that you enjoy and the funny stories that you love do not stay behind when you die. You take these with you and, therefore, it’s a skill that you want to develop and maintain. The ability to have fun is not something that is only reserved for “Silly Billy’s” like Simon, or unscarred children. No – it is one of the most precious gems that you can ever possess. Have you seen how the craziest video clip online can outperform a video on carefully crafted business strategy by millions of views? Pay attention to how one joke can break the ice between life-long rivals in a second and note how fine entertainment heals people overnight.

If everything feels like a struggle, introduce comedy into your daily routine.

You may want to search for funny videos or shows online, or start hanging out with people who make you laugh. Spending time with animals will be sure to inspire and finding little things to giggle about will lighten up your spirit. Have funny pictures in front of your minds’ frame, or subscribe to a joke a day. Pick up the phone and call friends with the intention to make them laugh and look for a million reasons to smile. In doing so, you raise your emotional frequency to the uppermost level where the impossible start to manifest.

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