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What You Can See,You Shall Become

Updated: Jun 15


Excerpt from The Sacred Prescription of Alchemy

"You can be anything if you dare to dream..."

Attending school did not impress me much. It felt strange to sit in those classes and get rewarded for your reactiveness, instead of your proactiveness. One such instruction that we received one day was to write an essay on some new technology that we believe may exist in the future. Not particularly short on creativity, I raced away in excitement to step into my new role as futurist. Not long before that, my grandmother sadly passed away, so I wrote my essay about a very highly developed telephone that would allow the human race to call their beloved departed ones in heaven. 

The teacher wrote, “Imagination is running away with her” and circled it in red on my report.

My Mom was livid with the teacher and I couldn’t understand why writing and imagination were not allowed to get along just fine. What turned out to be an opportunity for expression, innovation and creativity, turned into something that just didn’t sit right with the teacher. And so as we get scolded in the ways of what is acceptable to society and what is not, our most valuable asset gets crushed, degraded and ridiculed in the process. It is the essence of what dreamed us into creation in the first place, the spark that called us into existence. 

It is called our imagination. 

As long as you can imagine, you can create. If you have the ability to daydream and visualise something that everyone tells you doesn’t exist, then you are a powerful Alchemist. If you see imaginary things and giggle silently at your own cooked-up thoughts, then you have access to the elixir of life. Those who see, feel, smell and interact with “nothings” made out of some things, are our real modern-day hero’s because of their remarkable ability to bend reality. They can literally imagine a new world into being, even though most of them work artistically behind the scenes, out of fear to be ridiculed by those who “know better”. 

It is incredibly dangerous to tell someone to be practical. 

 It’s a word that has served as a big fat eraser for centuries, clearing our minds of extraordinary visuals and forcing us into some acceptable systematic approach. Pragmatism is reserved for the person who finds comfort in doing things in the same way that it has been done before, leaving the imaginary to fools. Innovation is what makes societies evolve and its imaginary events that sparks hope for the future. Imaginary events lead to new discoveries and it’s today’s impossibilities that will create tomorrow’s state of mind.

All our once upon a times set us up for a better world. 

As children, our imaginations are fuelled by fairytales and bedtime stories and when we return to the Otherworld, we leave a legacy behind. These are all the seeds of imagination, all of which can grow into the wisest trees if coupled with exuberance and joy. Imagination is far more than just visualisation, as it is so much more than just seeing a potential outcome. The ability to imagine is to whole-heartedly take part in an unlimited story of which you are the director. It is feeling it, loving it, acting it out, stringing together each element of a new-found dimension across borders of what we believe reality to be. 

Imagination is the ability to peek behind the theatre curtains once the show has ended. 

Even when you can clearly hear the applause, it never means that the production is over. If you want to find alternative problems to your solutions and cannot accept that our options are only black or white, then imagination offers you numerous other ways. Where society teaches those of us at a crossroad to look left or right, the gift of imagination present us with the option to look up, see through, rip off or scratch with crayons over a current situation. The possibilities are endless, as long as you believe. 

You can be anything if you dare to dream without boundaries. 

It starts with an insatiable will to proclaim societal judgement as gibberish, meaning that you are capable of so much more if you follow your heart. Inspiration is not only real, but the images that pop up in your mind have exceptional potential to heal the world. The inventions that you share with those who may not laugh have the ability to transform nations and the things that you say when you are silly have more power than the things that you say when you are serious. 

Realise today that being practical is just a word that someone with a great imagination invented. 

Start afresh and go back to a time when you believed absolutely anything to be possible. It is not over until someone sings or the chickens have hatched. You can change things right now by painting a rainbow over that angry person or sitting on a throne inside your dream house. You can stare in the mirror and instantly create the look that you want and you can converse with the most incredible imaginary friends right now in this Moment. It is completely up to you. 

You should have been told as a child that you create your own reality. 

I’m sure that would have helped you a lot and life would not have felt like such a struggle. If this rings true to you, I want to assure you that you have missed out on a very important teaching. I also want you to know that it’s never too late to learn a new skill. The art of creating something out of nothing has been the privilege of our souls since the beginning of time. The good news is that you don’t need to learn this from scratch, because you already know how to do this. 

You just forgot. 

It is important that you take only one curious point from the sacred Prescription of Alchemy and make it your own. Don’t try to implement or practise everything at once because it may distract you or wear you out. Ultimately, all that you want to do is call a seed into existence, plant it somewhere in the corner of your soul and witness how it grows into something extraordinary. 

Scarcity is a sneaky little enemy. 

It tells you that you will never have enough money, time, friends or love. It whispers all sorts of lies in your ears and in the process remove the remarkable visions that are supposed to occupy your mind. Your job is to raise your awareness to the point where you recognise your constant sense of lack and replace that with all sorts of brand new creations and possibilities. Living like this will give you great perspective on the illusion of ownership and lift you out of the mud bath of wanting more. 

Replace the words “I want” with the words “what if…”. 

This small change in vocabulary sparks the imagination, instead of reminding you what you don’t have. The ways of the world is set up in a way that seduces us to reach outside, even though we are much more empowered if we turn inside. What other people have created can never make you happy, as true contentment and peace live in the house of your own imagination. If you want to have a taste of true success, don’t fall into the trap of what you should acquire, but rather spend your energy on the things you should rid yourself of so that there is more room for expansion. 

You are not supposed to feel miserable all the time. 

If this is the case for you, then you probably want to become a Co-Creator again. The answer lies somewhere between the arts, or possibly in those repetitive numbers that are trying to get your attention. Perhaps you have grown up too fast and kicked out your toys without giving it consideration or you have simply stopped believing in miracles. It doesn’t matter if you commit to being silly from this point forward, switch on the power of your magnetism or play with the supremacy of your imagination, just flow with the one thing that makes your heart beat faster. When you close this chapter and go to bed tonight, just remember that up to know, you have explored only one dream. 

The rest of the universe now awaits.

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