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Peak Performance
Customer Delight
Impact Speaking
Cultural Diversity

Landi Jac’s extensive travel and work in over 50 countries have given her the reputation of a Global Citizen. As CEO of the Circle of Excellence Group, Landi is known for her high levels of energy, global community, and jet-setter lifestyle as a sought-after international speaker on Peak Performance, Customer Delight, Deal-Making, Impact Speaking, and Cultural Diversity.

Her pioneering strategies for business growth and mindset potential are implemented in boardrooms, universities, and schools all over the world. Her solutions are accredited by Education Alliance Finland (EAF), a global quality standard for 21st-century skills. Landi personally works with a hand-selected group of conscious leaders who are committed to playing a bigger game in business and life. 

Recognition and Awards

- APAC Eco-Conscious Leadership Development Award
- President’s Award: Global Speakers Federation
- South African Leader Honorary Award: World Women Leadership Congress


Energise your audience with Landi’s world-class content, humorous stories, and globally sourced solutions.

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